Rick Grossmann - CEO


Rick has been involved in the franchise industry since 1994. He franchised his first company and grew it to 49 location in 19 states during the mid to late 1990s. He served as the Chief Executive Officer and primary trainer focusing on franchise owner relations and creating tools and technologies to increase franchisee success.

Rick developed and launched his second franchise organization in 2003. He led this company as the CEO and CMO growing to over 150 locations in less than three years. He developed the high tech/high touch franchise recruiting and sales system.

Both companies achieved ranking in the Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500. During this period Rick served as a business and marketing consultant to small business and multimillion dollar enterprises. He also consulted with franchise owners and prospective franchisees, franchisors and companies seeking to franchise.

Rick had the honor of working with his mentor, Erwin Keup as a contributing Author for the 7th edition of Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise Bible published by Entrepreneur Press.

Mr. Grossmann has been chosen as the new Author of Franchise Bible and his 8th Edition was released worldwide in January of 2017.  He currently serves as an executive coach and strategist for multiple franchise clients.

Carolyn Miller - COO

carolyn miller

Carolyn Miller’s franchise career began in 1984 and includes more than 1,200 new store openings on both the corporate and franchise side with national brands such as McDonald’s, Chipotle, Red Robin, CiCi’s Pizza and Carl’s Jr./Hardees.

Her development and business experience includes real estate, design, architecture, construction, project management, real estate legal, hiring & staff development, marketing, accounting, budgeting and cost controls.

As the Founder of the National Franchise Institute, Carolyn and her team of licensed experts share decades of franchise and development experience with new and emerging brands by focusing on three key areas:

  • Educating new franchise owners about the intricacies involved in leasing space and opening new franchise locations
  • Helping independent entrepreneurs decide if the franchise model is the best growth strategy for a concept they have created
  • Working with franchisors to value engineer new and existing concepts to maximize profitability for themselves and their franchise owners

Carolyn is also the author of the Amazon Bestseller Brick & Mortar Franchise Success: Know The Costs or Pay The Price.

Rob Gandley - CMO/CTO

rob gandley headshot

Rob Gandley has served as SeoSamba's Vice President of sales since 2015.  With 25 years of experience in entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and technology, he leads the expansion of SeoSamba's software capabilities and US franchise market penetration.  SEOSamba specializes in centralized marketing technology built for multi-location business models and continues to win industry awards and grow consistently year over year.

Prior to his work at SeoSamba from 2003 to 2009, Well ahead of the franchise industry, Gandley built an Internet marketing business and platform responsible for generating over 100,000 qualified franchise development leads used by more than 400 franchise brands for business expansion.  From 2009 to 2014, Gandley consulted several multi-location businesses in the insurance and technology sectors to build online lead generation technology and marketing programs for their sales distribution networks.

Gandley also held various senior sales and management positions at AT&T, Verizon and SunGard Data Systems from (1993-2005) where he set sales records for sales and revenue growth at each company.  He graduated from Pennsylvania State University’s Smeal Business School in 92’ with a BS degree in Finance and emphasis on Marketing.

Michael J.Katz - Franchise Attorney

michael jkatz

Michael is a published author, lecturer, and teacher. Michael is a senior partner at Corporon & Katz, a law firm specializing in franchise, business and real estate law located in Centennial, Colorado.

Michael’s firm serves clients across the United States, Canada, and Australia. The firm delivers expertise and excellence with over 34 years of legal experience. The firm’s centralized location and low overhead enables Corporon & Katz to provide a high-level, sophisticated service at reasonable rates.

Mr. Katz is the Co-Author of the 8th edition of Franchise Bible published by Entrepreneur Press.

Bob Mieler - Franchise Concierge

bob edit 3

Bob serves our clients as our Franchise Hub Concierge.  His job is to streamline the franchise investigation and buying process by offering expert guidance, alignment of resources and assistance with the overall flow of the discovery and onboarding process. 

Bob served in the Unted States Navy and graduated from Ferris University with a B.S. in Marketing.  He has worked with the Franchise Hub executives in the franchise indsutry for over a decade and brings his passion for small business to each and every client.

Franchise Cocierge Benefits:

  • Keeping your process moving by tracking the steps to open your business.
  • Communication with all of the people involved in the process.
  • Confirmation and facilitation of meetings.
  • Understanding the franchise process and documentation.
  • Resources and options for business funding and financing.
  • Resources and navigation assistance for site selection.
  • Resources and navigation assistance for site build out and construction.
  • Resources and navigation assistance for vehicle leases.
  • Grand opening resources and assistance.

Serah Styles - Help Desk Coordinator


Serah Styles is the Franchise Help Desk Coordinator. With 10 years of dedicated customer service, Serah has previously lent her skills to Nordstrom and Los Angeles' elite. 

Serah has a BA in Fashion Design and Entrepreneurship and spent 2 years entrenched in the Hollywood costuming industry. Additionally, she studied for a BS in Marketing with an emphasis in social media at Metropolitan University of Denver. Her background has been a world of understanding what people want and why, while delivering quality service in the process.

She has written articles for local fashion blogs and CBS local, as well as working as press for several Denver entertainment industry events. Currently she resides in Denver with her two cats.