Franchise Marketing & Sales

What is the Top 24?


The top 24% of  franchisors are the most successful brands in the franchise world.  Theses brands have over 100 units and support a majority of the franchise outlets on earth.  We achieved 150 franchise units in less than three years with our system and we can help you get to the top.

We look forward to being a part fo your Franchise Success Story!  Entrepreneur Magazine's Franchise Bible has been the franchise industry's guide book for over three decades.  Now Franchise Hub can help you implement these high impact strategies and best practices to your business.

  • Is your franchise community thriving?
  • Is your business growing at the pace that you hoped for?
  • Are you hitting your marketing ROI goals?
  • Are you satisfied with your team's performance?
  • Are you the absolute top in your category or marketplace?
  • Ready to take your franchise organization to the Top 24%?
  • Did you know that 50% of the franchise organizations in the United States have less than 20 units?

Source: The World's Franchising Network's Franchisor Database Breakdown Report 2016


Did you know that only 15,000 franchises are sold in North America annually? This is a minuscule 1% of the 1,500,000 “leads” that enter the system each year. Don’t keep fighting over the shrinking 1% pool. We have the only scientific franchise-marketing program available today. Our program allows you to implement an aggressive custom marketing plan that yields qualified franchise buyers that are perfect for your franchise only… not “leads.”
You have to have the absolute best sales department to win in the very competitive franchise marketplace.  You are now competing with some of the biggest brands on earth and need to optimize at every level.  Our franchise sales solution offers the most experienced sales professionals, sophisticated technologies and most importantly, unparalleled real world results. 
Franchise Marketing Evaluation
Our Franchise Hub Marketing Evaluation analyzes all aspects of your current franchise marketing strategy and plan. Schedule your marketing evaluation today and receive your custom marketing plan report.
$860.00 $860.00
Franchise Sales Evaluation
Our Franchise Hub Sales Evaluation analyzes your franchise sales strategy and plan. Find out how you can give your franchise organization the advantage over the competition.
$860.00 $860.00
Franchise Marketing and Sales Evaluation
This option is the best value if you need our team to evaluate your entire Marketing AND Sales departments and processes. We will conduct a thorough analysis and provide you and your team with a step-by-step report outlining the best strategies, technologies and tools to optimize your growth potential. Schedule your Marketing and Sales Evaluation today!
$1,500.00 $1,500.00
Franchise Consumer Marketing Evaluation
How is your franchise unit level marketing working? Our team can conduct a localized marketing evaluation so you can be sure that your franchise owners have the absolute best marketing and sales strategies, technologies and tools available today. Increase your Average Unit Volume (AUV) and royalties by helping your franchise owners earn more. Schedule your Consumer Marketing Evaluation today!
$860.00 $860.00