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What we do

Payroll Vault is Re-Defining what you know about payroll, which is why we’ve emerged as a national leader in payroll services. Our seasoned experts serve as your ‘internal’ payroll department—fully managing and navigating the complex, compliance-driven payroll tasks that shift your focus away from running your business. Payroll Vault applies today’s most advanced cloud-based technologies to provide clients with the highest quality payroll service, supported by unparalleled customer service. Now that’s payroll Re-Defined!

The payroll industry is driven by employment, and the frequent changes in legislature make it difficult for small business owners to maintain compliance standards. More importantly, it's FUN, MANAGEABLE and INFINITE.

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Why choosing Payroll

    Create your work/life balance. Set your own schedule!
    Making the financial investment that will create a personal legacy and builds value for your future.
    Build a business that captures a sense of pride and accomplishment. YOU see the results of your work!
    ALL payroll business positions are trainable and lead to career opportunities and job satisfaction for you and your staff. Unlock the Vault!
    Channel stress of a job into energy of business ownership and make lifelong connections that enrich and empower your community!

Training and Support

Payroll Vault - Welcoming New Business Owners


You don’t have to go-it alone! Our support team works with you to get your new payroll business up and running. We start you with the comprehensive Initial Franchise Training. Included, is an extensive week-long Sales and Marketing, and Payroll Operations Training. The Payroll Vault Franchising Team is committed to help advance your business, and empower you to fulfill your entrepreneurial dreams. Ongoing support extends to Collaborative Forums with other franchisees, Support Calls with our corporate leadership, Conferences, and a variety of hands-on Educational and Leadership Programs that are included in our support model.

Why Payroll Vault Franchise

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investment payroll vault

This option caters to the entrepreneur that is looking at the opportunity to augment their existing services, or startup their franchise.

business payroll vault

Our most popular investment option. Often referred to as our Standard territory, it is designed to optimize your business opportunity.

expanded payroll vault

Expand your existing payroll business or GO BIG! When you are ready to magnify your existing franchise, or want to access a broader territory, the Expanded territory will allow you to maximize on your investment.


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