The Illegal Burger Franchise Business Opportunity

Illegal Burger Business Overview

The Illegal Burger Franchise Opportunity Begins with a Solid Business Model and Awesome Food

This is the cornerstone of any great restaurant business. Our menu features all-natural beef, chicken and black bean burgers, plus a variety of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free choices. We add a special seasoning blend then we hand-craft, sear and grill each burger to perfection.

Illegal Burger’s biggest differentiator is our exclusive line of CBD products. Cannabinoid, or CBD, is attributed to many health benefits. Recently, the FDA approved of its use to treat two forms of childhood epilepsy, and consumers report it positively impacting anxiety, sleep disorders, and even chronic pain1.

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The Illegal Burger Story

In 2007, Jordan, son of founders Jim and Ivonne Nixon, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. To combat this, he was given opiates, steroids and Interferon injections. After 4 years of side effects and suffering, Jordan decided to take control of his life and try a more natural approach. In 2014, he started taking CBD oil. After 3 months of ingesting the CBD, he had an MRI and shocked his doctors with the drastic positive change in his brain lesions.

Since then, his parents have become firm believers in the positive natural healing properties of CBD and have created a method to offer it to consumers in a fun and innovative way.

illegal burger story



As an Illegal Burger franchise owner, you will:

  • Be part of the first CBD restaurant franchise in the U.S.
  • Need only a few employees to operate your cleverlydesigned, edgy-themed restaurant
  • Benefit from a strong margin business model
  • Contribute to a positive neighborhood through community involvement
  • Use homemade recipes to serve proprietary menu items in a fast-casual setting
  • Acquire continuous learning with ongoing training and support for you and your staff
  • Have the opportunity for multi-store ownership


Illegal Burger’s business management and marketing technologies are the bestplatforms available today

Our technology-enabled approach gives franchise owners, staff members and customers the most effective and user-friendly technology solutions to streamline communications and gain more market share.


illegal brands

Illegal brands CBD Packets

Illegal Brands CBD sachets are flavorless powder packets that can be added to any of our delicious food items or beverages. Each sachet contains 15mg of nano CBD which allows customers to add just the right amount. Our CBD Isolate Pack contains 8 sachets of CBD powder, perfect for use at home or for customers on the go.

Illegal brands Water

Our Illegal Brands Water is sugar free, gluten free and contains no THC. Illegal Brands Water comes in two delicious flavors and each bottle has 30 milligrams of high-grade hemp cannabinoid (CBD).


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