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About Rent To Own


Why Premier

Premier puts the management of the business in the hands of the franchisee. Our goal is to enable businessmen and women to successfully establish and grow a business within a network of nationwide franchise locations. It is very important for us to continually provide our franchisees with the very best tools and support systems necessary to assist them in growing their business.

Premier has the advantage of understanding that we are all here to be successful. “Together we Succeed”! As a result this is one of our Core Values. Premier is unlike any of our competitors.  We use our Core Values, talents and unique franchise system to make Premier Great! 

Together, as franchisor and franchisees, we strive to value our core values every day, either at work or in our personal lives. We live by these core values in all decisions we make.

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Join Our Franchise

Premier Rental-Purchase has perfected the RTO franchise model

Our proven strategy has made it possible for many experienced operators to open their RTO business, operate their stores, and realize their dreams as thriving entrepreneurs.

Premier provides state of the art support systems for financing, opening, and operating high quality RTO stores. We have developed many industry  firsts, including local customized live inventory websites, integrated marketing platforms, purchasing programs, and the first in the industry to provide mobile communication through our "Premier App".

Perhaps our greatest strength is our flexibility and belief in our franchisees! We strive to provide our franchisees the freedom to select the systems that they value, and to see what works best for their own business aspirations. Premier's unique philosophy gives franchisees the freedom to run their business independently with the security of knowing our support systems are in place for them at any time. 

You are in control of your destiny. We do all we can to support you along the way.

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The Premier Difference

What's Different About Premier?

  • Equifax reporting can help customers improve their credit
  • Customized website with store specific in-stock inventory
  • Mobile application - The Premier App
  • Monthly customized creative marketing programs
  • Franchisee Advisory Board
  • Rent to Own industry affiliations.

Why Franchisees Choose Premier

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  •        One of the best support systems in the industry
  •        Freedom to innovate
  •        Network of successful franchisees who support each other
  •        Greater opportunity for multi-store ownership
  •        Valued input through our Franchise Advisory Board
  •        Lower value oriented fee structure.


Franchise Support

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Premier partners with you, guiding you along your path. We support you with our innovative marketing platforms, powerful purchasing programs, dedicated operational support team,  IT department, human resources and training department.  Our key areas of support include...

  •         Site Selection
  •         Training and Store Opening
  •         Purchasing
  •         On-site Field Operations
  •         Innovative Marketing Programs
  •         Popular Annual Conferences and Seminars
  •         Technology Systems and Support:
  •                    Localized, live inventory websites
  •                    The Premier App
  •         Human Resources
  •         Preferred Vendor Program
  •         Existing Franchisee Support.


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